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Eyra Toggenburg books

Explorer, illustrator, enigma! Today she is largely forgotten, but towards the end of the nineteenth and well into the twentieth century, Eyra Toggenburg travelled the globe. In the tradition of intrepid Victorian enterprise, her determination, indefatigability and thirst for knowledge were only outweighed by her capacity to appreciate a nice cup of tea.

Eyra in Egypt Book 1
Eyra & The Secret Library
Cover: Eyra Toggenburg First Victorian on the Moon

Eyra Toggenburg in Egypt.


Setting out to sketch some ruins, curiosity and circumstance lead Eyra deep into an ancient underworld.

Eyra Toggenburg & The Secret Library


On the trail of her favourite book, a young Eyra Toggenburg becomes absorbed in the mysterious contents of a town house.  

Eyra Toggenburg Roman in the Park


A stroll in the park turns into an unexpected expedition into a Roman and Prehistoric Britain hidden for millennia.

Eyra Toggenburg: First Victorian on the Moon


Landing on the moon, Eyra disturbs the silence of a centuries old, dormant moon-base.

 Eyra Toggenburg on the Mighty Mississippi


Discovering an abandoned boat and a new friend, Eyra enters an underground cavern only to find the remains of visitors from distant lands.


Eyra Toggenburg & The Runaway Balloon


Following directly after the events of 'The Secret Library', Eyra launches into an aerial adventure in her homemade balloon.


Eyra Toggenburg travels to India


A mishap leaves Eyra alone on a passenger ship. Eventually  making landfall in a deserted Indian bay, she must brave the jungle and its many perils in search of civilization and a good cup of tea.


Eyra Toggenburg with a lantern
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